Injection Mold Tooling

Our Injection Mold Tooling department is committed to designing and manufacturing quality molds that stand up to the rigorous demands of high speed production. When your job is too important to send offshore, trust T&T to get your injection mold tooling engineered with precision and longevity. Our high performance stainless steel mold bases have been used for decades and may be refurbished and overhauled without compromising the integrity of your finished plastic part or product.

Injection Mold Tooling

  Prototype Molds
  Multi-Cavity Production Molds
  Stack Molds
  Unscrewing Molds
  In-Mold Closing
  Hot Runner Systems

Injection Mold Tooling Services

  Development and Design
  Mold Repair and Refurbishing
  Complete Mold Testing

High-Efficiency Injection Mold Tooling

Injection mold tooling that is designed and manufactured to optimize immediate and long-term efficiency will reduce development time, facilitate the highest quality of end product, save down-time and production costs. From simple bump-off molds to slide-action, unscrewing or flip-top applications, we specialize in high speed molds that can incorporate slide action, unscrewing, 2 and 3 stage ejection systems that run 5.0 to 10.0 seconds. Molds from 32 to 96 cavity slide action bump-off molds that regularly run at 4.0 to 6.0 second cycles.

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Precision is Everything.

Making the perfect mold involves ultra-fine precision. Taking advantage of the latest CAM software and modern NC and CNC maching systems, we fully integrate our 3-D modelling software and CAM driven machining cells. The result is the maximization of production efficiency, and optimization of production costs. Our production process takes place in a completely climate controlled environment, and our constant monitoring ensures holding of close tolerances - resulting in the perfect finished plastic part or product.