Quality Standards Guide | What to Look for in an Injection Molder

When choosing the right Custom Injection Molding Company for your needs, it is important to ask the right questions.
Level of expertise, flexibility, proper machinery, and competitive pricing are key factors in judging value when it comes to injection molding.
Here is a list of key questions to ask before choosing a custom injection molder for your job.

Level of Expertise

•  How experienced are your Machine Operators?
•  Do you have a full-time Plastics Technician on-site?
•  How long have you been in business?

Proper Machinery and Tooling

• Can your machinery handle the volume I need within my time frame?
• Can your machinery handle the level of precision needed for the successful outcome of my product or part?
• What level of tooling maintenance do you perform?
• What size of tools can you handle?


•  What are your production capabilities?
•  What are your hours of operation? Shipping hours?
•  What is your turnaround time?
•  Can you offer a solution for my product or part within my budget?
•  What material options can you offer that would meet my needs?
•  Do you work with clients on design?
•  What are your shipping capabilities? 
•  How many loading docks do you have?
•  What size of trucks can you handle?


•  Will I be sacrificing quality and delivery for pricing?
•  What is your pricing for a small project vs large project?