Plastic Injection Molding Specialists

From prototype to pallet, T&T Custom Injection Moulding Canada is the stress-free solution for all of your custom plastic product needs.
Our on-site Plastics Technologists are your assurance that your injection molding job is done right, on time, every time. With decades of experience in the plastic injection molding industry, we can design and build molds, and follow through with the production, assembly and warehousing of your plastic part until it is ready to be shipped. Wherever you are in the process of bringing your plastic part or product to market, T&T can help streamline your process and provide you with the products and services you need, when you need them.

Plastic Injection Molded Product Development

From early involvement in the design stage to actual prototyping, we provide guidance to improve the molding of the finished plastic part. Our practical approach results in reduced development times, precision parts, optimal mold performance, and the ultimate success of your production program. Quite simply, we are not satisfied until we can produce the perfect end product. Our success is built on your successful program - period.

Our Capabilities

Custom injection molding done on-site.
 Plastic Injection Mold Engineering (Tooling)
In-house mold testing and troubleshooting.
Experienced Plastic Technologist on-site.
Multi-cavity tooling.
Hot runner systems and corepull moulds.
Thin wall molding.
 On-site silk-screening and hot stamping.
 Assembly services.
Mold variance 1oz to 50.6oz shot size.
 Press tonnage range from 250 to 500 Tons.
➤ Small to large production runs.

Part Applications Including but not limited to:

  Food Service Packaging
 Cosmetic Packaging
 Consumer Products
➤ Fasteners

Plastic Molded Parts

Call Now, We're Here to Help  +1 (905) 847-3121 to speak with an experienced Plastic Injection Technologist about your needs.

Custom_Injection_moldingCall Now, We're Here to Help: +1 (905) 847-3121 to speak with an experienced Plastic Injection Technologist about your needs.

Plastic Injection Molding 

Using state-of-the-art equipment to transform tool steeles into finished mold parts by machining critical dimensions to tight tolerances, our streamlined component interchangeability reduce maintenance costs and down time - maximizing program efficiency and profitability. The quality of our finished products consistently surpass offshore injection molded products because we maintain the highest quality and accountability standards in the business. 

State-of-the-Art Equipment

 250 - 500 Ton Presses
 Contact Us for Equipment Details 

Plastic Injection Molding Material Sourcing

With over 50 years of supplier relationship development, we can help you acquire the best plastic material to get the job done right within your budget. We have established quick lead times with our local suppliers giving us the ability to manufacture samples using a wide variety of plastic compounds, and colour specifications.

Plastic Injection Molding Materials

➤ Engineered Thermoplastics