A Canadian Injection Molding Company

"Producing the best quality plastic products for our customers is our highest priority." - Klaus Tautrims, President and CEO

T&T (Tautrims & Tautrims) have been leaders in Canadian Plastics Manufacturing since 1962. With a focus on high quality, high value products, quick turnaround times, flexible production volumes, customization options, and significantly lower shipping rates, T&T Custom Injection Moulding consistently outperforms offshore molding options.

As a second generation plastics manufacturing company, our In-house plastic injection specialists possess over 50 years of experience in the plastics industry.
Operating as a primary and sub-contractor manufacturer; we specialize in the molding of parts from thermoplastic and engineered resins.

Our mandate is to build long lasting relationships with clients founded on implicit confidence. Confidence that comes from knowing that once you decide to use T&T as your custom molder, you can rely on us for successful and timely manufacturing with the highest quality of your product or part. Our interest is vested in the success of your business. Why? 
Because we want to serve you for all of your molding solutions and to grow and prosper together.

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